Tuesday, May 6, 2008


These birds are tough to get close to. She was sunning herself, facing the Lighthouse, but turned and faced the water as soon as she spotted me walking towards her. I got one shot, that's it, then she flew off.


cocabixinhos said...

Good catch Beantown! and amazing photo, I like it a lot :)

Beantown Today said...

Thank you!! I appreciate that.

Carletta said...

One shot and what a shot!
Love it!

I've so missed visiting you these last few days - this is one reason!

Beantown Today said...

Thank you Carletta!! I missed having you here!! Glad you liked this shot!

Uma por Dia said...

I gave you 10 stars to this post! You got the bug too.

George Townboy said...

This requires investigation!!

I like 10 stars though, lol!

I'll have to check all my blogs now ... that'll be time consuming!